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Remedios Project

Processing Plant

The San Pablo processing and recovery plant has a capacity of approximately 100 tons per day. Since its acquisition the Company fine-tuned the processing plant fixing most of the mechanical problems and increasing the mechanical availability to over 80%. Three metallurgical consultants worked in the processing plant with the objective of having a high and stable recovery. However, processing was halted in in 2013 due to liquidity and capital resources limitations.


The San Pablo and La Bartola mines are two well-known underground mines with their main shafts located 350 meters from each other.

In the La Bartola mine, development of rails, structure support, ore extraction and channel sampling is being conducted through a contractor. Mine development work in the San Pablo mine was carried out at 300 meters in level 5, following a vein along strike and dip inside the mine’s main shaft reaching towards level 6. The current working fronts expose the vein at an average width of 0.8 meters showing significant mineralization and demonstrating that the system remains open to the North and at depth.

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