Powertool Industrial Manufacturing

Proposed Programs

A. Children and education: One Laptop per child

This program is delivered to small groups of three children in our areas of intervention, allowing them to access to modern education and the world via the internet. This program has a Government and foreign foundations support making its implementation easier and cheaper.

B. Children and the Environment

This program allows children to grow up linked to nature and realize that their welfare is related to the state of its environment.

Each child receives a piece of land and develops environmental initiatives.

C. Children and Music: Youth Symphony Orchestra and musical training

"A child who bears a musical instrument, never brandish a weapon to commit a crime"

Through the discipline of music, we seek to promote youth and children:

  • To find new opportunities in life.
  • To build values.
  • To avoid crime and destructive activities.
  • Strengthening the family ties.

Proposed Programs