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Nortol and Papayo Project

Underground Exploration and Drilling Program at El Papayo

Underground systematic sampling was performed inside the El Papayo mine, demonstrating high grades of gold and silver. These results in combination with geological reconnaissance, photo geology, structural studies, rock/soil sampling and geological mapping helped the Company in identifying targets for the Phase 1 Nortol drilling program in the area of the El Papayo mine.

The El Papayo historic mine is located within the 1,900 hectare El Papayo property, which is part of Tolima´s 100% owned Nortol Project located in the north of the Colombian Department of Tolima. The El Papayo mine is located 16 km south of the El Gran Porvenir mine and consists of vein type mineralization with over 800 metres of historic galleries along the vein, bearing N 60° E direction and dipping 25° NW.

Underground bulk/channel sampling on the El Papayo vein was conducted on the main gallery of the mine over an extension of 170 metres along strike and 90 metres along dip. The 314 samples taken yielded the following average grades across average widths along significant strike and dip lengths inside the galleries, including:

  • 35.8 g/t Gold, 225 g/t Silver across 0.53 meters, along 8 meters Including 69.6 g/t Gold, 160 g/t Silver across 0.63 meters, along 3 meters
  • 33.1 g/t Gold, 26 g/t Silver across 0.63 meters, along 8 meters Including 43.9 g/t Gold, 35 g/t Silver across 0.83 meters, along 2 meters
  • 21.5 g/t Gold, 298 g/t Silver across 0.49 meters, along 7.5 meters Including 47.7 g/t Gold, 688 g/t Silver across 0.41 meters, along 6 meters

The weighted average grade of the samples is 7.9 g/t Au and 43.4 g/t Ag with an average true width of 0.80 meters. The Company has also identified a “Bonanza Zone” to the east of galleries with an extension of approximately 2,000 m2 yielding a weighted average grade of 21.9 g/t Au and 99.8 g/t Ag and average true vein width of 0.64 meters.

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